Couples Massage

Couples Massage

Monogamy can become a bit of a challenge. Couples can be happy or sad or just bored. Couples therapists and divorce lawyers are doing quite well. David Foster Wallace talked wonderfully about the challenges of adult life in America with its day-to-day drudgery such as supermarket grocery shopping and driving during peak evening hours. Combined with this, we are bombarded by images of celebrity lifestyles and how people are having endless. These images create a ‘FOMO’ attitude or a ‘YOLO’ attitude. While our lives are getting longer, midlife crises (not to mention diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease) can strike at ever younger ages. When you live longer, of course you also become more prone to dementia and diseases that affect brain/memory such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In all this, the only certain thing is the fun that you can have right now. When you want to do something that’ll bring you pleasure and relaxation, couples massage in Las Vegas is one of the most guaranteed options.

Couples Massage in Las Vegas For Wise Couples Who Know Their Priorities

Calvin Trillin knew his priorities as a writer. He wrote to please and impress his wife, Alice. Mr. and Mrs. Trillin were lucky to have had a multi-decade love affair. Some couples become a couple late in life — Professor Esther Schor wrote about the trajectory of her love affair when she met a man, married him and then buried him soon afterwards. That story was titled My Last JDate. Some, like Charles Chaplin and Elizabeth Taylor married seven different men and had a total of eight marriages. So, people’s marital histories differ. When a couple knows its priority, they focus on the right things and let go of unimportant things and learn to let go of unattainable ambitions. Once you are wise enough to take such wise decisions and make the important distinctions, you should also reward yourselves with a couples massage in Las Vegas.

A joke from The New Yorker: “Marriage is one of you secretly turning the thermostat up and the other secretly turning it down, and so on, and so on, until one of you dies.”

Whatever your likes and dislikes as a couple — obsession with The New Yorker cartoons (Roger Ebert was one) or The New York Times Crosswords or what have you — we believe a couples massage in Las Vegas is going to be a propitious intervention that’ll improve your marriage.

Why Choose Couples Massage in Las Vegas

Nobody knows the secret to a happy marriage. Dr. Paul Kalanithi was married to Dr. Lucy Kalanithi. Mr. and Mrs. Trillin’s story … we already referred to above. What if you are an AI/ML expert or are into SaaS or PassS or NoSQL databases or Java or Python or Swift or Kotlin? Look at the marriage of Bill Gates or that of Jeff Bezos. We already mentioned Mr. Chaplin and Ms. Taylor. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has mentioned about ‘bonding’ with Larry David over their common misery during Saturday Night Live (SNL) days. Of course, they were not a ‘couple.’ What if you are a Nobel Laureate in Physics? How do you choose a spouse? Clearly, there are no straightforward solutions to the mysteries of marriage. Think of the two writers who married. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow pursued Frances “Fanny” Appleton for seven years before she agreed to marry him. Things are clearly way more complicated now than they were in the 19th century. Every couples relationship or marital relationship is built on a unique equation or unique matrix. No matter the overtones or undercurrents in your relationship with your spouse, a couples massage in Las Vegas is highly recommended — simply because it cannot hurt and will most probably help your marital affairs.

If you want to know the characteristics of the best couples massage in Las Vegas, let us enumerate them:

  • Outcall massage service offering Las Vegas has many lovely, classy, luxurious, ultra-luxurious, and ultra-sophisticated hotels and resorts and naturally, you should choose one that catches your fancy or you find to be convenient for whatever reason. Our masseuses are available on an outcall basis and would be happy to visit your resort suite to provide a soothing and rejuvenating couples massage.
  • Discreet massage service Our sensual masseuses are professionals who understand the value of providing their service discreetly. It’s by maintaining a consistent record of providing a superior massage experience that we manage to have couples who are regular clients. Our patrons are established and accomplished couples who prefer to keep their Las Vegas visits and excursions discreet. We respect their choice and need for privacy.
  • Diverse masseuses Our masseuses are blondes and brunettes and they are Asian masseuse ladies and Ebony masseuses. You can expect the best couples massage in Las Vegas from our Asian masseuses as well as Thai and Japanese and European masseuses.
  • Affordable massage service Las Vegas is the adult entertainment capital of the world and things in Vegas are far from cheap. Our masseuse ladies are classy ladies who prefer to keep themselves toned and groomed. Our massage happens to be the best couples massage in Las Vegas because it’s provided by the best — the chosen few. Our couples massage in Las Vegas rates are in line with what these services typically cost. You would spend less on hiring our erotic masseuses than you would if you were to book a daybed at a happening place like Drai’s at The Cromwell. A dinner for two at a fine dining Italian or French restaurant in Las Vegas can cost you upwards of $1,000.

We learn the value of a thing when it’s no longer available to us. Couples may think boredom is hell but there was a time when pilots flew fighter aircraft into battle knowing the risk of dying fully well. So, we are better off overall when we can overcome our boredom with a bit of Las Vegas adventure including driving Ferraris and/or other supercars and watching the Bellagio Fountains and visiting the Bellagio Conservatory and watching the Mirage Volcano and enjoying some couples massage in Las Vegas.

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